Whatever It Is That You Do Best, According to Your Zodiac Sign 

You need to protect your eyes from the future's glare because it's so bright. 

One thing that sets you apart from the rest, my dear Bull, is your unwavering loyalty to the people who mean the most to you.  

Whether it's with loved ones, friends, or family, you remain loyal to the very end.  

According to astrology, this is mostly due to the fact that you are an earth sign, which means that your emotions are firmly grounded. 

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People will never have to worry that you would not follow through on your promises if you make them. 

Capricorn If that's the case, Capricorn, we're in for a real treat. Just like you, I'm a Cap for context, so I was taken aback by the March plans that I discovered when I picked the cards.   

As a Twin, what makes you unique among zodiac signs is your boundless imagination; with two of you, it's easy for one of you to think of fresh concepts while the other records them. 

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