Why is steakhouse shrimp always better than homemade?

Steakhouses specialize in red meat. Steakhouses usually provide more. There are salads, poultry, and seafood options for vegetarians.

Since "surf and turf" is so popular, the latter is likely the most common. 

Due to its versatility, shrimp is usually included as an appetizer or complement on steakhouse menus.

Something about steakhouse shrimp is different—but why is it so good? Why are restaurant shrimp so much better than homemade? 

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There are several causes, but the main one is simple: Professionals cooked your shrimp using better equipment than you do. 

Because a restaurant's job is to make good cuisine, that setting will yield it.Kitchens are professional because their sole purpose is to make food taste delicious. 

There are brilliant home cooks, but cuisine from a professional kitchen with skilled chefs and high-end equipment is automatically better. 

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