You have X-Ray vision if you can spot the odd clock in 6 seconds.  

In this tricky task, we show you a bunch of clocks, but only one of them is the Odd Clock, which is hiding in plain sight.   

At first glance, the clocks may look the same, but if you look more closely  

Not only does this visual test keep you entertained, it also challenges your brain, making it a fun and interesting experience  

The bottom right area is where you'll find the Odd Clock that you had to use X-ray vision to find  

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These kinds of optical illusions are a fun way to remember how our thoughts process what we see.   

We hope you had fun with this task, and we encourage you to look into more optical illusions to keep your mind sharp.  

The "impossible object," when shapes are organized in a way that defies geometry, is another fascinating category.  

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