You Ought To Visit The Best Takeout Joint In Every State 

Need something but don't have the time to make it? Takeout is the only option sometimes.  

Falafel Café in Birmingham is fantastic, and they offer DoorDash delivery if you're a fan of Middle Eastern cuisine.  

Pile on the carbs (rice, salad, pita, or laffa wrap), then select your protein (falafel, chicken, 

beef, or gyro meat), finish it off with some yummy sides, and top it all off with a drink.  

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Great serving sizes, flavorful tahini, and freshly fried falafels are the raves of the customers. 

Need some pizza delivered to your Fairbanks location? One of the best options is the Hungry Robot.  

Dishes like The Dilly Dilly—a unique dish topped with mozzarella, garlic sauce, and crunchy dill pickles—are beloved by customers.  

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