Are You Familiar with the Best Pie in Your State? 

Who can resist a well baked pie with a buttery crust, rich filling, and a dollop of ice cream or whipped cream on top?  

The fried hand pies at Clanton's Peach Park are as reassuring as those from your grandmother's kitchen, thanks to their buttery crusts and locally grown peaches.  

The most beloved are the strawberry pies, but the warm peach pies with homemade ice cream come in a close second. 

A trip to Peach Park is in order because of the farmer's market, cafeteria-style eatery, freshly churned ice cream, and, of course, the pies. 

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The selection of pies offered at A Pie Stop in Anchorage varies with the seasons and what's in season, but the homemade pies are consistently delicious.  

Their apple, blueberry, and banana cream pies are just as famous as their signature cherry pie, 

which is a client favorite due to its ideal balance of sweet and sour ingredients. 

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