You're smart if you can find 4 hidden faces in the fountain picture in 8 seconds.

Optical illusions have puzzled and intrigued humans for centuries by forcing us to perceive beyond sight.   

Optical illusion puzzles offer to expand your imagination with mind-bending sights and illogical patterns.   

Discover what's under your nose with these puzzles. These puzzles help you observe and pay attention.   

The optical illusion puzzle we have today—are you ready? Let's begin. This photo puzzle shows a woman before a garden fountain.   

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The picture may seem normal, yet the garden has unwanted items. You must identify four hidden faces in this image puzzle before the timer runs out.   

We have a timer for this optical illusion test again. The four faces have 8 seconds, 2 seconds apiece.  

Some persons with exceptional brainpower can locate the four hidden faces in 8 seconds or less.   

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