Zodiac Signs Always Worry About Money

Even the most financially adept zodiac signs worry about money. From spending to saving to investing, they continually think about money, which may be due to their astrological features.  

Astrologer Babs Cheung believes some zodiac signs worry more about money due to their ruling planet and element.  

Mercury-ruled signs are prone to tension and worry, which can cause them to overthink every transaction or sweat when thinking about the future.  

According to Cheung, Saturn and Venus signs have the intuition to understand financial principles and meticulously manage their money accounts.   

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Earth signs are connected with abundance and resources, so they often worry about money.  

However, since they're ruled by different planets, Cheung says their relationship with money might vary.  

Astrologers say the three zodiac signs who worry most about money are below.Taurus, ruled by Venus, the planet of love and luxury, has expensive taste even when they can't afford it.   

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